Please see below some frequently asked questions that may help you in choosing Justlecterns.co.uk to supply the lectern that fits your need.

How long will it take to process an order?
You should receive your lectern within 5-7 working days of order receipt

Will I get a confirmation of my order?
Yes, we will email you a confirmation, followed by confirmation of payment with a VAT invoice posted to the address given to us at time of order.

How do I pay for my goods?
Debit, credit card or by cheque. Please note that a cheque payment will require clearing before goods are shipped.

I need an item delivered very urgently. How quickly can you deliver?
Within a day, if the unit is in stock. However, if built to order we will advise you the best possible delivery date.

How will my lectern be packed and shipped?
Desktop models are well packed in cardboard boxes. Freestanding lecterns are more delicate and are liberally packed in bubble wrap and shipped via a selected carrier. Alternatively, we can provide a rugged transport/storage case at an extra cost if required.

If I want a specific size that I cannot find on the website, can you help me?
Yes, we are happy to make bespoke items on request. Please call us on 0870 170 4123 and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Does the acrylic used scratch or mark easily?
The acrylic we use is very hardwearing, but if scratched, a light abrasive metal polish (e.g. Brasso) normally removes surface scratches.

Can you supply a case for storage and transport of the lectern if required?
Yes, please see options for storage/transport cases.

How portable is a portable lectern?
We supply a semi rigid zipped A2 size (approx 450mm x 610mm) carry case with handles with each portable lectern that we supply.

In how many ways can a lectern be customised?
Various methods of attaching your Company/Organisation's logo by means of coloured or clear transfers, rear engraving etc. Please see our customised section of this website for more details.

Does Justlecterns keep lecterns in stock?
Yes, we endeavour to keep a full range of units in stock, but these are subject to availability at time of order placement.

If I clean and polish my justlecterns what type of cleaning materials do I use?
We recommend that you use a quality furnisher polish applied with a soft cloth then a light polish. Note, never use scourers or abrasive wipes as these will damage your lectern.

Will a tabletop lectern from justlecterns damage my polished conference table?
Our units are manufactured with a polished finish that should not damage a normally protected wood table top.

Why do you have two heights of tabletop lecterns?
We have had request from users asking if a laptop can be mounted on a desktop lectern. We therefore created a slightly lower unit that would enable a speaker to be seen behind a desktop lectern with an open laptop in use.

If I require a large quantity of customised lecterns would I be entitled to a discount?
We are always happy to negotiate a discount for larger quantities of lecterns

Does Justlecterns manufacture a tabletop lectern that can be disassembled when not in use?
Yes, we have designed a desktop unit that can be easily dismantled and stored flat when not in use. This unit comes complete with its own carry case.

Can I order from outside the UK?
A. Yes, we are happy to ship abroad subject to our Terms and Conditions

Why are some lecterns made of thicker acrylic than others?
Each product has been tested to ensure that each unit is fit for purpose. This entails some larger units requiring to be built of thicker materials than other smaller units.
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